Belgian Hot Chocolate Powder

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26.1% cocoa butter 50.1% min cacao 25.5% fat free cacao

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For drinks with a solid, full bodied and intense chocolate taste with rich mouth feel. Genuine Belgian drinking chocolate. Dose and steam up with milk for perfect taste and froth or chill with ice cubes after steaming for refreshing summer drinks.

100% Finest Belgian chocolate for perfect chocolate drinks.

Callebaut® Ground Chocolate – Dark is 100% Belgian chocolate, unconched and low-processed to create wonderful chocolate drinks and shakes with a full-bodied, rich and solid taste.
Perfectly soluble in hot dairy and non-dairy milks, Ground Chocolate – Dark combines the wealth of authentic and overwhelming chocolate taste with great convenience in serving for busy bars and baristas. It easily steams up, together with milk and creates a wonderfully frothy cup of pure indulgence.
Each cup is a great source of cocoa flavanols – naturally preserved through very delicate processing of the cocoa beans – to lift our spirits with a boost of happiness and positive energy.

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Callebaut – Belgium


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